A practice more Bauhaus than Botticelli,
More confidant than accountant,
An ally to creatives since 2012.

Learning about your business and life goals is one of the best bits of our job. We love finding out about the creativity, talent and passion that has led our clients to making the leap and starting their own business. Our mission is to take the hassle of accounting off your hands so you can focus on creating the incredible products and services that inspire and benefit your customers.   

Since 2012, Moose has worked with over 250 clients across almost every creative discipline – we understand the nuances involved in supporting creative businesses. It can be really tough out there as a freelancer or small business competing against the big guys. If you’re making it work, we want to help you really thrive and succeed. With expert, tailored advice that is delivered in a language that simplifies the complexities of accountancy.  

We’re not like most accountants. The support we provide goes beyond the day-to-day. It’s more than filing a Self Assessment or advising you on payroll, VAT or your tax liabilities. Maybe you’re looking to buy a house, build a pension, take maternity leave or rent premises. We become an ally and business confidant who can advise you on all the aspects of your life that affect your financial wellbeing. A relationship built on open dialogue and support.

From photographers, designers and marketing professionals to artists, filmmakers, tech startups and architects. We understand the challenges you face as a freelancer or small business, and we’ll ensure your finances are dealt with efficiently so that you can keep creating the work that inspires us all.

Client mix:

Film & Photography
Independant Retail & Crafts
Advertising & Marketing

Client stories:

Please feel free to explore how Moose has helped clients in its series of client stories, ‘Becoming Creative’.