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ON Design

Joined in 2012

Tudinh Duong is a UI/UX designer who runs ON, a digital design studio as a limited company.

Moose called me recently to let me know that they were tweaking the way in which my tax was managed to save me money, and offering to talk me through it.

I didn’t need the detail and after 8 years of great service I trust them to do what’s right for me. But the fact that – from our chats and messages – they knew things were changing in my personal life and with my business – and they were taking action to save me money – says everything about them.

Having seen a recommendation for Moose on (accountancy software provider) Xero’s website, I met them in person back in 2012. From day one they were open, relaxed, and genuinely interested in me and my business plans. There was no complex accountancy speak, no unnecessary formalities… Barry turned up to our first meetng in flip-flops!

I originally needed help with my bookkeeping via Xero – and it’s worked out since that it’s 10 times easier for me to just hand it over to Moose to manage.

I see them once or twice a year but generally communicate via phone or email – no need to book in meetings when I can get the help and advice I need almost instantly.

Moose have brought a calmness and assurance to all my money matters – and now I wouldn’t have it any other way. They’ve set a new standard of expectation for me that I previously hadn’t dreamt of.

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