Charity spotlight: Hackney Foodbank

We profile our fantastic local foodbank in London who are supporting the community across the borough of Hackney. They’re hoping to raise £5k in the next 28 days to meet the increasing demand for their services. Find out about their work and the link to donate below. 

Hackney Foodbank is a charity local to our London office that is working to combat food poverty and its root causes. Part of the Trussell Trust, they provide nutritionally balanced emergency food parcels and signposting services for people in our community from five distribution centres across Hackney.

Five volunteers give thumbs up surrounded by parcels of food
© Hackney Foodbank

Foodbank use has rocketed during the pandemic, as individuals who were already disadvantaged have faced increased hardship. There has also been the emergence of the ‘newly hungry’ – people who were comfortably off before COVID, but through illness, redundancy or a change in circumstance are now reliant on food banks and welfare benefits for the first time.

The self-employed and limited company owners are among those affected. Many have fallen through the net and do not qualify for government support. We’ve seen first-hand how difficult this past year has been for the individuals and businesses we work with, which is why we are making monthly donations to Hackney Foodbank to support their vital work.

If you’d like to make a donation to Hackney Foodbank click here or if you’re in need of help, visit the website here

If you have any questions about making a charitable donation as a business or your accounting needs, get in touch on 0203 026 4679 or at

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